Polina & Svetlana Ainbinder

Len Wijlage, Amsterdam

” …We call the sisters the pearls of Jewish Music. When the Ainbinder sisters perform Yiddish songs you feel the authenticity of the long and unique past of the Jewish music history…”

Nechama Lifshitz, Tel Aviv

“Gifted with artistic taste and high professionalism, they have elaborated a style of their own, always making you delighted by the newness of their repertoire and performance. The Duo is of exceptional musical culture with a deep understanding of Jewish folklore whose delicate humor alternates with sadness…”

Michael Gorelik, Moscow

“The Catastrophe of the European Jewry dipped into historical non-existence an entire world of Eastern European Jewish culture. Yiddish, with its peculiar mentality and unique sound, – was the Speech and Soul of this lost culture. Echoes of this world, the light of an extinct star, word, gesture, everyday life… only remembrances remained from all these. Now they are reborn in the authentic artistic performance of Yiddish songs by the Ainbinder sisters. Their technique is the organic alloy of a small Jewish town (“shtetl“) with Metropolitan Academic professionalism and refined cordiality harmonized so that the listener is aware of the lost world of “mame loshn“.

“…As souls look down on the corpse they have abandoned,…”